The Bible & Training Institute of Michigan - "Equipping Students for Excellence in Ministry for Jesus Christ"
Attention Former Students! 
The  Bible & Training Instituteof Michigan proudly announces the opening of its first Alumni Chapter. Our president :  Willie Pear Scott has graciously volunteered to take the responsibility of heading this Chapter.
The Alumni chapter has always been the backbone of our school by assisting us with yearly expenses.  Through fundraising projects, soliciting of sponsors and donors and planning other fundraising projects.   Help us realize our vision of becoming "a state-of-the-art school, in the heart of  the community?   
We welcome all former and present students to become a member of this exciting new Alumni Chapter and meet former Bible Training Institute students who have either briefly attended or graduated from our school.  Plus this will give you the opportunity to reconnect with old classmates.
If you are interested in working with the Alumni Chapter Committee, or you want to be placed on our mailing list so that we can send you our upcoming newsletters, and inform you of future events,  PLEASE FILL OUT THE CONTACT INFORMATION BELOW.   
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